How do I ...?

Get started

1. Click on "Species editor" link, if page is not open by default.

2. Enter a suitable species name as a required field and Select taxonomy.

3. Above mentioned steps are the minimum steps, which people could use to submit a record into species editor.

4. You could enter any suitable value in all other fields and Press save button to submit the record.

Amend or delete a record

1. You need a suitable authentication for modify or delete a record.

2. For that you could use "Log in" link, to create an account.

3. After creating an account, you can then able to view, edit or delete record.

4. You could modify all your records through both these links, which are "Species to publish" and "Species list".

Explore all records

1. You can explore all the unpublish records from a "Species to publish" link.

2. You can explore all the publish records from a "Species List".